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Moby How-to

wrapping folded

for children 8 - 35lbs
If your little one is over 35lbs, please use our Moby GO

Follow the step-by-step instructions or watch the Wrapping Folded Instructional video. Once baby is in don't forget to perform your safety checks

Step 2

1 Begin with your Moby logo tag centered at your navel.

2 Fold the Moby Wrap in half lengthwise and place across your waist with the stitched edges on top.

Step 3

3 Cross the two ends behind your back and bring one end up and over your shoulder.

Step 4

4 Bring the other end over your opposite shoulder creating an "X" on your back.

Step 5

5 Tuck the ends of the wrap under the logo section from top to bottom.

Step 6

6 Cross the end pieces in the front making an "X" on your chest.

Step 7

7 Bring the fabric ends behind your back and tie a knot here, or continue to wrap around to the front of your body.

Step 7

8 Tie a double knot on your back, hip or front.