the wrap

A perfect introduction into a new world.

The MOBY® Wrap is an optimal baby carrier for infants. Made from a durable 100% natural cotton fabric with a carefully measured length and tapered ends, the MOBY® Wrap has been designed to adapt to your family and growing baby; securely and comfortably holds babies up to 35. lbs.

Triple-wrapped security!
1+2 = From over mom's shoulders and across baby's back to create a seat from knee to knee
3 = The "seat belt" is up to keep baby safely kissable for mom.

Wraps for optimal ergonomic positioning of baby, the "M" position with knees above bum

MOBY® fabric is 100% cotton with the ideal stretch & support

the wrap, cornflower

One size versatility fits all caregivers and grows with baby

Wide shoulder support evenly distributes weight across entire back and hips

Machine washable

Tapered ends make wrapping easier, less fabric to handle and allows for ease of movement when wrapped

-- Kelli Anderson Art Director Moby Wrap Inc. Happy Parents, Happy Babies!