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mom power

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s mom with eyes in the back of her head. How many times have you impressed your family with the super human mom power you wield? What does your gut tell you and when do you decide to follow these instincts?

Top 10 super mom powers

  1. Gut-o-meter - the ability to sense when something isn't right or isn't meant to be
  2. Telepathy - ability to foresee what you need before you need it
  3. Bionic hearing - able to hear the opening of the cookie jar, from half a mile away
  4. Healing powers - calms the soul and fades the boo-boos with a hug and a kiss
  5. Eyes in the back of her head - you know they’re there
  6. Built-in sonar - the ability to locate lost objects
  7. Super courage - courageously faces whatever life throws her everyday
  8. Interception - super speed to intercept small accidents
  9. The MOM eye - the ability to stop everything with a single look
  10. Nose of steel - moms can smell anything and just take care of it, whatever it is

What are your super powers?

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