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Moby How-to


Touch is vital to healthy infant growth & development

The practice of infant massage combines caregiving, communication, play and intimacy between a parent and baby. Research, clinical studies and observation attest the beneficial attributes of massage.

By design, Moby Wrap baby carriers provide babies needed physical and emotional contact, while offering parents hands-free security. You will often see “Moby-wearing” parents or caregivers gently comforting, patting or stroking babies with their free hands. Recognizing this instinctual response, Moby has teamed up with Infant Massage USA in an effort to increase awareness of the importance of touch.

forehead massage

Forehead Massage
Begin with your fingers meeting in the middle of baby's forehead, stroke toward the temples using the flat part of your fingers.

Eyebrows and Eyes

Eyebrows & Eyes
Place thumbs on baby's eyebrows above the nose. Gently stroke toward the temples.

around the ears

Around the Ears
Place the flats of fingers in front of the ears. Stroke over and around the ear, then under the jaw to the chin.

finger massage

Finger Massage
Use your thumb and index finger to roll each of baby's fingers from the palm to the tip.

stroke the arm

Stroke the Arm
Mold your hand around baby's arm near the shoulder with fingers on top, thumb underneath. Stroke from the shoulder to the wrist.

Hand massage

Hand Massage
Hold baby's hand in yours. Stroke the top of the hand with your thumb from the wrist to the fingers. Draw circles around the wrist with your thumb.

Back and forth

Back & Forth
Mold your hands to baby's back starting at the shoulders. Glide back and forth across the back from shoulders to bottom then back up.


Glide your hand down baby's back from shoulders to bottom.


Use the flats of your fingers to draw circles down one side of baby's back then back up the other side.

Stroke the leg

Stroke the Leg
Mold your hand around baby's leg near the hip with your fingers on top, thumb underneath. Stroke from the hip to the ankle.

Foot and Ankle Massage

Foot & Ankle Massage
Hold baby's foot in your hand. Stroke the top of the foot with your thumb from the toes to the ankle. Draw circles around the ankle with your thumb.

Toe Massage

Toe Massage
Use your thumb and index finger to gently roll each toe.