Moby How-to

hug hold

for children 15 - 45lbs
If your little one is not yet 15lbs, please use our Moby Wrap

Shoulder straps are left unbuckled until after the waist belt is fastened

safety check!


When fastening all buckles, feed the hook end completely through the safety elastic. This is very important; the safety elastic will catch the buckle end if it were to come undone, stopping it from opening completely

Step 1

1 GET READY Before putting on the carrier, cross and secure the shoulder straps. Make sure to run the hook end of each side buckle through its safety elastic and fasten to the catch end. Listen for the CLICK to ensure secure attachment. Fasten the waist belt buckle at your back. Listen for the CLICK. Tighten as comfortable.

Step 2

2 Slip both shoulder straps over your head, making an "X" on your back. Now you should have a pouch with enough room to comfortably insert baby. Tip: Keep shoulder straps flat for comfort.

Step 3

3 Carefully support baby as you place her into the body of the GO Carrier. Baby's legs should come out of the lower side openings and hug your stomach.

Step 4

4 Lift and hold baby to your body. Tighten side buckles as needed for a comfortable, secure fit.

Safety Checks

  • Ensure all straps are secure: safety elastics are in place and buckles are secure
  • Baby is close to your body, not slumping and can easily move their arms
  • Baby's legs should come out of the lower side openings and hug your stomach
Step 5

Now you and baby
are ready to GO!

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