Moby How-to

kangaroo wrap & hold

Introduce at 8 lbs. For babies under 8 lbs, consult your healthcare professional.

Follow the step-by-step instructions or watch the Kangaroo Wrap & Hold Instructional video. Once baby is in don't forget to perform your safety checks

Step 1

1 Place the Moby Wrap across your waist with the logo tag centered at your navel.

Step 2

2 Wrap the ends of the Moby behind your back. Make an "X" on your back by crossing the two ends up over your shoulders.

Step 3

3 Now it's time for baby. Hold baby up on your shoulder.

Step 4

4 Gently lower baby into the fabric section with the logo tag, putting both legs through and tucking fabric under baby's bottom.

Step 5

5 Holding baby securely, bring one fabric end over baby’s back towards your opposite hipand guide under baby's leg.

Step 6

6 Repeat with the other fabric end, making sure you keep both fabric ends pulled snugly as you wrap.

Step 7

7 Wrap fabric ends around your body. Double knot at your back, hip or front.

Step 8

8 Tuck back of baby’s head into a shoulder section for additional support.

Safety Checks

Now that baby is in your Moby Wrap, make sure to do a

Safety Check

Are you wrapped correctly?

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