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Hug Hold

Introduce when baby is fully stretching legs (3-4 months)

Follow the step-by-step instructions or watch the Hug Hold Instructional video. Once baby is in don't forget to perform your safety checks

Step 1

1 Locate the shoulder piece that is closest to your body

Step 2

2 While holding baby on your opposite shoulder, carefully put baby's first leg through the shoulder piece.

Step 3

3 Spread the fabric over baby's bottom and shoulder. Keep spreading until the fabric is to the hollows of baby's knees.

Step 4

4 Place baby's second leg through the other shoulder piece while supporting the upper body.

Step 5

5 Spread the fabric, covering baby's bottom and shoulder.

Step 6

6 Locate the logo tag and gently put baby's legs through this section.

Step 7

7 Continue pulling this section of fabric up and over baby's back and shoulders.

Step 8

8 You may tuck baby's head under one of the shoulder pieces for additional support.

Safety Checks

Now that baby is in your Moby Wrap, make sure to do a

Safety Check

Are you wrapped correctly?

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