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Moby How-to

hip hold

Introduce when baby has excellent head & upper body control (5+ months)

Follow the step-by-step instructions or watch the Hug Hold Instructional video. Once baby is in don't forget to perform your safety checks

Step 1

1 Before you wrap, choose the hip on which you'd like to carry baby.

Step 2

2 Wrap so that the shoulder piece closest to your body is the side on which you will carry baby (Antonio will carry on his left).

Step 3

3 Shift the Moby so that the fabric "X" is moved from your front to your side.

Step 4

4 Place one of baby's legs through the shoulder piece closest to your body, so that baby straddles your hip. Spread the fabric over baby's bottom and shoulder.

Step 5

5 Bring baby's other leg through the opposite shoulder piece. Fully spread the fabric, ensuring it is to the hollows of baby's knees and over baby's entire back.

Step 6

6 Locate the logo tag and gently put both of baby's legs through this section. Pull fabric up over baby's back and shoulders.

Step 7

7 Baby is now in a seated position straddling your hip with one leg in front and one behind you.

Step 8

8 Baby should be seated comfortably at your hip with baby's shoulders secured by two layers of fabric.

Safety Checks

Now that baby is in your Moby Wrap, make sure to do a

Safety Check

Are you wrapped correctly?

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