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We are aware of counterfeit Moby Wraps being sold online by unauthorized sellers. These products are not made with the same materials as authentic Moby Wraps and may pose a safety hazard. No warranty protection is offered by Moby Wrap Inc. on these counterfeit products.

Moby recommends

We are recommending consumers purchase Moby Wraps only through authorized distributors and retailers. Moby Wrap products purchased through authorized distribution and retail channels come with the protection of the manufacturer's warranty, which is not extended to unauthorized dealers or counterfeit products. To confirm if a store is an authorized dealer of Moby Wrap products, please check our Store Locatoror our list of Authorized Amazon Selllers.

If you have questions

Contact our Chico, CA office if you have questions about a supplier or need assistance with identifying a possible counterfeit product:

All Moby Wrap Carriers have a holographic sticker on it's packaging

It's official

Moby Wrap Inc. is the only authorized manufacturer of authentic Moby Wrap baby carriers

ALL MOBY Carriers made since 2012 have a holographic sticker on their packaging

Moby Carriers are made in Thailand, exclusively. Moby Wrap Inc has no production in China, nor anywhere other than Thailand since 2003

Moby Carriers do not include DVDs

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