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mother breastfeeding her baby in a Wrap

Breastfeeding in a MOBY Wrap

Nursing in a Moby is a wonderful option for breastfeeding mothers. We recognize that every mother/baby nursing relationship is different. Therefore, our Moby carriers provide a variety of options for breastfeeding so you can discover what works best for you.

Many mamas find success nursing baby upright in the Newborn Hug or regular Hug Hold. This is a great option for babies who have adapted to latching on in a vertical position. Many moms report that they love the simplicity and ease of breastfeeding their baby this way in a Moby Wrap. Other moms prefer to position baby horizontally through the Moby Wrap. To do this, keep your Moby Wrap tied on as usual, and tuck baby through each side of the fabric "X". You will not pull up the logo tag panel (the "seat belt"), so it is essential that at least one hand is used to support baby. For safety, baby must be repositioned once nursing is completed. Finally, many moms find that they prefer to take baby out of the Moby Wrap completely, but leave the wrap on, to nurse. Then, once baby has finished breastfeeding, baby is easily put back into the wrap in an upright position. No matter which method you choose, the Moby Wrap has the added benefit of being a discreet, convenient nursing cover! When using a Moby Wrap while breastfeeding, use your arms to support baby. After feeding, always move baby's face away from the breast and reposition upright.

mom and her baby in a Best for Babes Moby Wrap

Top 5 Breastfeeding Tips

from The Best for Babes Foundation

1. Prepare in advance

Treat breastfeeding like planning a wedding, or interviewingfor a job. Take a class, join or create a support group and interview lactation consultants (just in case). Enroll your spouse - their support is key. Make sure your employer understands that breastfeeding equals fewer sick days, less turnover and higher employee morale. You and your baby are worth it. The benefits of breastfeeding last a lifetime!

2. Get inspired

Talk to a friend or relative who enjoyed breastfeeding, or read up on celebrity moms and everyday role models. Watch a mom nurse and ask questions. Know what motivates you - that special bond, fewer bottles to wash, or fewer trips to the doctor for both of you! Scope out spots to nurse so you can get out of the house. Psych yourself up. You can do it!

3. Beat the "booby traps"

Have a game plan for any bumps along the way. Make sure your ob-gyn, hospital and pediatrician are truly breastfeeding friendly. Ask about their breastfeeding success rates! Find local resources - think expert coach and cheering squad to reach your personal best. Remind nosey bodies and naysayers that we know more now, as with seat belts and sunscreen. Remember, almost all women can breastfeed successfully, and 95% of problems are easily solved with the right help.

4. Hit the ground running

Aim for a good latch within an hour of birth and get a pro to help you; pain is not okay! Your baby is programmed to go straight from birth to the breast, both for comfort and colostrum - so weighing, tests, and relatives can wait. Snuggle up: skin-to-skin contact boosts your supply and cues baby to latch well. Demand pasteurized, screened donor milk if a supplement is medically required.

5. Get in the groove

Remember, the first few days and weeks are a learning curve, but like riding a bike, you'll get the hand of it soon. Keep phone numbers of your support group and top lactation consultants handy, and get help immediately if you have any pain. Ask friends and family to bring a meal or watch the baby while you nap, set small, manageable goals and acknowledge yourself.