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mom and baby

celebrating a loving connection between being baby and being mom

Being baby is about mastering the basics of life: eating, sleeping, and, yes, pooping. Being mom you've probably found your days wrapped around these glorious parts of babydom, what's the payoff? Those little smiles, gurgles and giggles that light up even the darkest day (or sleepless night!) Who can resist? We certainly can’t!

Let’s rally around each other in this tribe of motherhood sharing joys, wonders and frustrations. We hope you will enjoy the common threads we share, it's time for a few giggles of your own. We will be having a 5 giveaways leading up to Mother's Day 2014. One for each topic: eat, sleep, poop & smile, with one great big grand prize!

The giveaway is OVER. THANK YOU to all the amazing mothers in the world and we hope you had a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

We have a winner!!: Mother's Day Giveaway GRAND PRIZE

Thank you mom! For loving your babies and taking care of the basics with that loving connection between being baby and being mom.
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We have a winner!!: eat

First foods and great places to find great recipies.
The giveaway is over but the conversation is not!

We have a winner!!: smile

the most fantastic moment is for a mom to see her baby smile, letting you know that it's worth all the hard work.
The giveaway is over but the conversation is not!

Happy Mother's Day

eat. sleep. poop. smile.

Giveaway NEWS

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Grand Prize : We Have a WINNER!
eat: We Have a WINNER!
sleep: We Have a WINNER!
poop: We Have a WINNER!