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The passion for babywearing

Comfort, security and versatility have made MOBY® Wrap a babywearing favorite from the start of Moby, families have brought this carrier into their lives, making the Moby® brand synonymous with the baby wrap. Moby is the brand name customers ask for.

Moby was started by parents with a passion for babywearing and natural parenting. That passion is the foundation of Moby Wrap and its expanding product line:

Wrap to GO

Moby believes there is no reason to sacrifice baby comfort or the comfort of the wearer when practicing babywearing. Learn about the features of our baby carriers:

most babywearing parents buy more than one style of carrier


This year we are announcing the new midweight MOBY® Wrap, a stylish carrier pouch from the Lotta Jansdotter Moby Collection and more beautiful new colors that are simply irresistible.

Moby is also previewing the Snugspace sleep and play tent, a unique twist on a product created to help families easily travel with with babies and toddlers. Learn more about this new product we are so excited about