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Dedicated to creating high quality, consciously-crafted products for the modern family

Bringing European design and innovation to the American market, the Lässig brand embodies an ideal blend of style, convenience and eco-friendly living; proudly striving to offer the best family-friendly products that are made with quality and family safety in mind .Lässig diaper bags, kids school gear, kids travel systems, and baby accessories contain no PVC, nickel, AZO dyes, or cadmium phthalates.

The 4FAMILY line

Lässig diaper bags are made with the environment and safety as a focus, but style and organization are never forgotten.

Green Label

Lässig takes eco-concious to the next level with the Green Label collection by using CYCLEPET. This durable fabric is made from Post Consumer PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate, #1 plastics) bottles. "PET ... most important raw material in the textile industry." Using recycled POST Consumer PET keep plastic out of landfills and reduces the need to use petroleum for new PET. CYCLEPET – plastic jugs are [turned] into strong, soft fabric."

The 4KIDS line

Cuteness and style for sure but the main thing: 4KIDS is free of toxic chemicals - ESPECIALLY chemicals that shouldn't be in lunchboxes and in contact with food. Did you know 75% of kids’ bags on the market still have PVC? This should be a crime! PVC begins as a flammable gas called vinyl chloride, which is not only a known human carcinogen, but also releases toxic vapors in a process called “off-gassing,” which can increase the risk of liver cancer, harm the nervous system, and cause birth defects.

Products for a Cause

Shark Project:

When the founders of Lässig learned about the steady decline of the world's shark population, they decided to do something about it. Lässig formed a partnership with Shark Project, one of the most active and largest shark and marine ecosystem protection organizations worldwide. This organization works to stop the devastating practice of harvesting sharks and provides stewardship of marine habitats. Working with its team of designers, Lässig created the Shark design for the 4Kids line of backpacks, messenger bags, cooler bags and more. A portion of all sales from the 4Kids Shark collection is donated to support the work of Shark Project's volunteers.

Sparkling Elephant Project:

A conservation project focused on raising the awareness of local endangered wildlife and enhancing the creativity and education of children in Eastern Tanzania. LÄSSIG Wildlife Collection supports the Momella Foundation. Purchasing from this collection makes you a part of this wonderful movement!

Big Cat Guardians:

The Big Cat Guardians Project cooperates with Lion Guardians Kenya to ensure the long-term conservation of big cats in the Maasai Steppe. Massai warriers, once the lions predators, are now their guardians to keep the lions alinve in Kenya. LÄSSIG Wildlife Collection supports the Momella Foundation. Purchasing from this collection makes you a part of this wonderful movement!

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